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If you have any kind of stains on your teeth and feels shy on smiling, don’t let it go. Come to us and we will give you the perfect way of smile. There are so many stains such as Tea, Coffee, Tobacco, Medicine related, Fluorosisor any Developmental abnormalities such as defects of Dentine and Enamel of teeth. Treatment options are scaling with modern technique followed by polishing of teeth to remove any plaque and calculus on teeth and gums. Dental Bleaching Systems in which we have two systems one is done in our clinic (fast and most effective) and other is done by yourself under our guidens at your home (slow and less effective).

And finally we give you perfect curves and shape to your smile line.
We at Kanpur Dental World, have Dental laminates and veneers to enhance color and texture of your teeth with wolrd class Dental materials made by most trusted Dental material manufacturers of the world.